Give us 2 days Eid holiday, 1 day very inadequate


Journalist with Citi FM, Citi TV Umaru Sanda Amadu is advocating for a two day holiday consideration for Muslims to observe the Eidul Adha celebration as in his opinion one day is inadequate.

Cataloguing why he believes the country should give Muslims two days, he said the uncertainty surrounding when the day will fall makes one day too short for Muslims.

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He also observed that the meat work on the day and the sharing of meat all within a day prevents Muslims from having a good time akd resting to resume work.

In his case, the journalist said he had to run to work to leave his mother behind without having spent a good time with her.

See his full post:

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Why Muslims Need a 2-day Holiday for Eid:

1. We can’t predict the exact day for Eid-ul Fetir (the one after the Ramadan fast) because it depends on when we sight the new moon. Give us 2 days Holiday so we celebrate with certainty

2. We can predict the exact day for Eid-ul Adhar but we need more than one day to slaughter our rams, bulls and camels, roast or fry them for distribution to our neighbours

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3. One day Holiday midweek for instance prevents us from having good time with family. I had to leave my sweet mom in a hurry this morning 😢 to come to work

4. Add your reason if you agree with #2EidHolidays


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