GIHOC staff expose Kofi Jumah’s son, Kwabena Jumah in ‘shady’ GIHOC deal as Snr Jumah changes company security



Concerned Staff of GIHOC are insisting Maxwell Kofi Jumah, their Managing Director is the most corrupt appointee of President Akufo-Addo since and have expressed shock that as a 73 year old grandfather, he is unashamed to say he is rather a womanizer and not corrupt.

So bad is the looting at GIHOC, company insiders say, Kofi Jumah sacked the Security company managing GIHOC for being allegedly “too strict” and in their place, appointed individual security men loyal to him who can look the other way.

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According to the staff, the son of Maxwell Kofi Jumah, one Kwabena Jumah aside driving a company car fueled by the company without being a staff of the company, Kwabena Jumah is the owner of a contract in which GIHOC is manufacturing products for another company it is supposed to be competing with, Kasapreko.

As a result, GIHOC is unable to produce enough of its own products to meet market demands while taking “peanuts” from Kasapreko, while the bigger beneficiary remains Kwabena Jumah and who knows, his father, Kofi Jumah.

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Attempts by Mr. Jumah to organize some “sycophant” staff to speak for him backfired over the weekend leading to he himself reacting to the allegations without being specific.

“The only managing Director in the history of the company to have terminated the contract of a security service company and appointed individuals in his own capacity to provide security services to the company so they have absolute control over the security in order to loot.” Part of a staff statement said.

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Maxwell Kofi Jumah, at 73 years, says he is a womanizer, a statement that elicited mockery online for the former Kumasi Mayor.

According to GIHOC staff, Mr. Jumah usuallly claims he is a brother to the Chief of Staff Madam Frema Opare as such he is untouchable.



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