Ghanaians Drop Their Opinions Concerning The New Currency and Here’s What To Know

Ghanaians Drop Their Opinions Concerning The New Currency and Here's What To Know

Ghanaians Drop Their Opinions Concerning The New Currency and Here’s What To Know.

Not long ago was when a new article was published on Vital Gist as Bank of Ghana Introduces GH¢100, GH¢200 Notes And GH¢2 coin and a lot of Ghanaians quickly made their concerns regarding the positive and negative usage of the new currency printed.

Ghanaians Drop Their Opinions Concerning The New Currency and Here's What To Know

As these information are sighted on social media, we decided to bring it to our visitors today to discuss as you can also drop your opinion concerning this new currency printed using the comment box below this post.

Per the information sighted by one social media user on Facebook by the name,  Osei Kofi, he took his time to write a long note as his opinion as we leave you to read them below:

Bank of Ghana introduces Ghc100, Ghc200 notes and Ghc2 coin.

My thoughts as an ordinary Ghanaian.

1. I don’t think our current economy is prepared for this. Why?
a. Most of the people who are engaged in the petty trading businesses (our market women and men) have a working capital less than Ghc200 and most likely Ghc100. These people are those we are going to buy from with these notes and do you think they will have change for us when we buy Ghc2 pepper or a tuber of yam for Ghc10 with our Ghc200 notes?

b. The figures of our economy right now makes me predict what happened in Zimbabwe some time ago to happen in Ghana with the near future:- inflation may rise to its highest levels.

c. The head of currency issues at the BoG explained that this new notes was to help reduce the risk of people carrying a lot of money with them when transacting businesses. I want to ask, how many Ghanaians are engaged in businesses that deals with the handling of huge sums of money?

d. What happened to BoG’s plan of moving the economy from physical cash to digital?

e. Are our money laundering laws effective? If no, then let’s get prepared for the shocks

2. *Introducing new notes a year to elections*

No one can change the corrupt perception I have for Ghanaian politicians and the hypocritical behaviour of some technocrats. I won’t be surprised if these new notes are flooded in the country without any proper economic and financial checks so that the politicians can get a point to hold in their election campaign by say: can’t you see there are a lot of money in the system?

I’m wondering the positive impacts these new higher notes will have in a country when most before outside the formal sector earns less than the daily minimum wage of 10.65( 319.5 monthly)

Oh I almost forgot to share with you that the storekeeper at our junction just warned me never to come to his shop with those notes when it’s released into the market by next week because he don’t believe he can ever get a change for me.

What will happen when the only money you would have on you at a point in time in a trotro is only Ghc200 and the fare is just Ghc2?

Share your views and let’s learn a thing or two from each one.

Forget about my typos and grammar I’m just an ordinary Ghanaian trying to learn brofo.


On the social media page of Serwaa Amihere, on Twitter, you can find this and asking followers to drop their thoughts on the GH¢2 coin:

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