Get A Job, Don’t Be A Full Time Housewife




Esther Ene Ojire

Nollywood actress Esther Ojire has appealed to women to get something doing because being a full-time housewife can be depressing.

The mum of one in a post shared on her Instagram page, stressed the need for women to work and contribute economically in their homes.

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 She also appealed to men to allow their wives to work as being idle in a place like Nigeria is counterproductive.

”I know I might be shaking a small table today, but I will tell you the truth. Ladies open your ears , DONT JUST SIT AT HOME AND BE LAZYING AROUND, WORK. Learn a craft, sell something, pursue a career, do something.

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Social media platform is here make good use of it, market your product , don’t just be on social media to see gist and do amebo, make good use of the media. you don’t need to have a shop before you start a business, start from your house and God will enlarge you.

Men please allow your wives do something, being a full house wife can be depressing o. God bless us all.”

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