The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) and the Coalition of Concerned Teachers (CCT) in collaboration with the government of Ghana are to distribute laptops to enhance teaching standards and complement the implementation of the common core curriculum.

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The aim of the laptop distribution initiative is to help teachers get abreast with IT advancement in the education sector.

Per the arrangement, teachers are to pay 30% of the amount while the government pays the remaining 70%. The actual cost of one laptop is GH₵1550.

The government of Ghana will pay an amount of GH₵1085 while interested teachers will pay GH₵465 thus GH₵38.75 per month for 12 months, this will be deducted every month for a period of 12 months.

However, teachers who are IT inclined are pissed off considering the model of laptops GES or better still government of Ghana intends to share among Ghanaian teachers.

In the voice of some teachers interviewed by Realest Blogger of GHBase.Com fame, the laptops under discussion are wack, outmoded and too heavy to carry along.

One teacher who bears the name Coby on Facebook had this to say after seeing a photo of the laptop.

“This isn’t okay. Charlie, according to the specs it carries, it is a couple of years obsolete. No tech-savvy teacher would go to town and buy something like this. In fact, it should have been optional because some teachers even have their own laptops.

“The Head of ICT in my school for example uses a top-of-the-line HP Envy. So how would she plus through her workload with a thing like this that is limited on storage space, memory and processor capacity and other relevant stuff?”

Anyway, below are the specs of the GES laptops:

*Celeron 4020 processor

*Internal memory: 500GB


*Graphics: UHD 600

*Battery: 10000mAh

The laptops come equipped with a sample of lesson notes, the scheme of learning, curriculum from KG to SHS, Labour act, code of conduct, the education bill, teacher standards, textbooks, Ghana’s constitution, Et Al.

Again on the error, considering the battery capacity of the laptop which is 10000mAh, it’s expected to be heavy in size which may require extra strength to carry.

Also, the 4GB RAM is too small as current mobile phones use higher RAMs. So, among all the errors or ills that teachers who are IT inclined are rooting for better equipment for teachers in the future.

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