Flashback: Hannah Tetteh’s son seɛxtape video with Felicia [Video]


Flashback: Hannah Tetteh’s son seɛxtape video with Felicia [Video].

video of two alleged university students having sex in a car has been circulated online, and the boy (Collin) involved is alleged to be the 19-year-old son of Ghana’s Foreign Minister-Hannah Tetteh.

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The 17-year-old lady Felicia is rumoured to be the daughter of the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ghana in Legon.

The minister is known to be preaching with tweets every minute on her page but since the outburst of this disgraceful act, she has been absent on Twitter.

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Social media has been buzzing with several Ghanaians tweeting at Hanna Tetteh and calling her out—and most of the people are upset because the minister made a mockery of a recent #OccupyFlagstaffHouse protest. And this seems like the perfect time to talk back at her, riding on what many see as a family disgrace, brought by her son.

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The girl allegedly tweeted about the encounter. We can’t confirm the authenticity of the screenshot.



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