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Dog Looks Down Drain Every Day Until Bystanders See What She’s Looking At

No one could have seen this coming!

Dog owners already knew it: dogs have special senses. So does this dog who looks down the same drain every day. At first, there’s nothing strange about that, until people figure out what the dog is looking at – and especially what she’s waiting for….

When Dave is walking his dog, he comes across a German shepherd with no owner. The dog stands still at a drain and looks down the whole time. Dave pays it no further attention, but the next day she is there again. And again she looks down the drain. Then suddenly he began to hear noises in the drain.


Dave immediately called emergency services to open the drain. Soon a fire truck arrived on scene, which was just in time. Indeed, the sounds were getting louder and louder. Dave began to wonder and was very curious about what was in the drain. Until suddenly there were police in front of him, and they had an important announcement to make.


Dave was told by the police that the immediate area around the drain was closed off. He also had to come in for questioning, because they wanted to know what was going on. David was dumbfounded. In the corner of his eye he saw a white tent standing around the drain, and he suddenly had jitters all over his life.


Once he arrived at the police station, Dave was put in the interrogation room. This was because the police thought the German shepherd belonged to him. After making it clear several times that it did not, the police people believed him. When he asked them what was in the drain, they turned deathly pale.


Deep, dark pit

Police would not tell what was in the drain, but did allow Dave to be released. After picking up his dog, he decided to go straight to the drain. The white tent was still there and by now more people had heard the sounds coming from the well. Someone was ready to open the well, and Dave moved closer to the well.


As soon as the well was open, a high and painful scream filled the emptiness of the streets. Bystanders looked startled, but no one dared to look into the well anymore. Dave was still curious and sacrificed himself to enter the deep, dark pit.

After all, what could go wrong, he still thought. But what he then found…



Using his phone’s flashlight, he climbed down into the well. He tried to concentrate and focus on the sound, but this was more difficult than he thought. Indeed, in the drain there was a lot of echo and the sounds suddenly sounded everywhere. Dave almost gave up, until he suddenly heard soft tapping. And that tapping comes closer and closer. Using only his flashlight, he headed toward the sound.



Then his phone cuts out. He now has to go by sound and gropes in the dark. Suddenly, he touches something. Something furry, wet and… small. Soon Dave realizes what he finds, and picks it up. He manages to find the exit, and is greeted by a large crowd and the shepherd. Dave, too, now sees what he is holding and puts it down next to the shepherd. It is a small puppy, which has fallen down the drain.


There is still no trace of the owner of the two dogs. After a few days in the shelter, Dave decides he wants to offer the dogs a golden basket. Without drains, but in a home with lots of love and filled food bowls.


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