Criminalize non-payment of pension contributions – Adam Bonaa


Vice-Chairman of Ghana Chamber of Construction Industry, Adam Bonaa, has urged government to criminalize the non-payment of Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) contributions by informal workers just like the formal workers.

Mr. Bonaa believes that if SSNIT does not broaden the scope of contributors to the pension scheme, in the next decade or more, most citizens will burden the development of the nation.

“There is no law at the moment making it illegal for the informal sector to pay contributions. Until such a time where SSNIT will put its house together and comes out with government or whoever to formulate a law to say that it is illegal for you to work in this country without contributing to SSNIT. In the next 20 years, a lot of the population will be a burden to the nation.

Government should be bold and criminalize non-payment of pension and that will solve all the problems,” Adam Bonaa said

He further recommended some measures that SSNIT should consider in order to curb future problems.

“Research should be invested into this such that they can come up with policies that will help reduce the burden in 30 years,” he noted

He stated that he blames SSNIT solely for the low pension benefits employees receive.

He opined that if government continues to run SSNIT the way it has always handled it, the challenges pensioners are facing will never change.

He therefore suggested that SSNIT should operate individually without government influencing their decisions.

“If government continues to operate SSNIT the way it is and superintending over SSNIT the way it is doing, they will continue to have this issue. We have a problem with how contributions are managed. So my point is that why can’t we have SSNIT to be autonomous.”

Story by; Joylyne Oko-Matey|

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