Simple steps to unlock your Phone if you ever forget your password or pattern

If you forgot your phone password, pattern or pin, you don’t need to panic, here, I am going to the steps you will follow...

Best and Simple tricks on WhatsApp everyone should know

Save a date on WhatsApp as an ‘event’ in your phone’s calendar. Whenever we type a date, time or link, it appears to be clickable...

5 tricks to stop your internet bundle from running fast

Have you ever wonder why your internet data bundles finish quickly after purchasing? Maybe you have or have not but, there is the need...

How to track your mobile phone when stolen or missing

It is difficult for people to track their mobile phone when it get missing. Is obvious one can forget his mobile in the car...

How To Open Your Spiritual Eyes Directly And See Into The Spirit

In the process of opening your spiritual eyes, it is more relevant that you have a willingness to move beyond the physical, to what...

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