Don’t Drink Coke If You Have Any Of These Medical Conditions

Posted o Coke is a famous soda in Nigeria, loved and consumed by many people. It’s that perfect boost when we are tired or it’s a...

You Will Stop Using Microwave After Reading This, It’s A Silent Killer

Hello lovely viewers. I trust the day finds you well. Are you aware that the utilization of microwave vis-à-vis the heating or preparing of...

Stop Eating Fried Plantain If You Have Any Of These Conditions

Posted on Are you aware that the reason for the 90 percent rise in death rate today is because of what people eat. The way people...

Global Diabetes Initiatives Gets Licensed And Registered

Global Diabetes Initiatives (A Diabetes Free Society) is fully registered as an Non Governmental Organization (NGO). Residents all across the globe now have another way...

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