Bro Sammy admits lying about his HIV/AIDS drug


Gospel musician Brother Sammy has finally admitted in an interview that he lied about his ‘Spiritual Divine Healing Water’ that can cure HIV/AIDS.

According to the gospel musician, the drug belonged to his granny who is very old and on the verge of kicking the bucket.

Brother Sammy explained that his grandmother has cured a lot of people with the drug and he decided to protect and continue his granny’s legacy.

He disclosed that he made a mistake in saying that producing the drug was a spiritual direction from God.

According to the gospel musician, he lied about it and God never directed him to do anything.

“The drug belongs to my grandparent who is currently weak. I just decided to help her with it before she passes away. I made a mistake in saying I was directed by God and yes I lied about it”, Bro Sammy disclosed.

This comes after the gospel musician disclosed that he was directed by God three years ago to produce a drug that can cure HIV/AIDS, cancer, diabetes, Asthma and several others.

He stated that his drug ‘Spiritual Divine Healing Water’ is God’s gift to Ghana and that he has cured over 50 people.

However, the Food and Drugs Authority with the assistance of the Ashanti Police arrested Bro Sammy for selling unapproved drugs.

According to the Food and Drugs Authority, Bro Sammy is likely to face 15 years imprisonment if found guilty of selling unregistered and unapproved drugs to the public.



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