Bossman Management Crew Involved In A Car Accident After An Event

Born Caleb Johnson, known in showbiz spheres as Kibir Tempo, The Fastest rising and renowned singer Kibir Tempo on 3rd March 2018 thrilled the many Music Lovers, Fans and Friends who made it to Villa Posillipo to celebrate his birthday alongside his ‘Crazy Dance Video’.

It was a night that would forever be remembered by the residents who attended the event. The crowd at Villa Posillipo on Sunday dawn was very befitting of the concert’s name, the ‘The Kabir Tempo Crazy Dance Video Launch’. The event headlined by Bossman Entertainment Crew in collaboration with Villa Posillipo started around 6pm with around 1,000 music lovers well prepared.

As Fans and Friends throng to Villa Posillipo to celebrate Kabir Tempo’s Birthday Party and the launch of his much anticipated Crazy Dance Video, something happened on the road after the event.

Fans were so excited after the event, on their way home they were involved in a car accident. The Driver Smashed the car against a big stone on the Spintex highway.

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The incident which occurred on Sunday 04th, 2018 around 1am were six people in the car, Johnas, Stanley, Navas and Nana of Bossman Management crew incured injuries, to which the Driver also incured internal bleeding. The young man who was said to be safe was the main Artistes ‘Kabir Tempo’ as his car was following rushed them to the hospital.

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Parry Prince ‘P.R.O’ confirmed that the five individuals including the driver are responding to treatment.

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