Bishop Ajagurajah tells Christians what to do in order to sack the devil from their lives – (Video)


According to the founder of Universal Spiritual Outreach, the devil is not afraid of fasting and prayers.

He made this known in his recent interview with Fiifi Pratt on KingdomPlus FM, and in his submission, he shared his thoughts about Witchcraft.

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Giving his reason for saying the devil is not afraid of fasting and prayers, he used the period where Jesus Christ fasted for 40 days and 40 nights but was still tempted by the devil as an example.

In his view, what the devil is scared of is symbols and inscriptions.

Watch him in the video below;


Not long ago, he shared how some Ghanaian pastors planned to eliminate him.

According to him, he has been under attack for four different occasions adding that these pastors are trying to kill him because of his works.

It could be noted that the renowned man of God is one of the few Ghanaian pastors who boldly speak against the evils done by people without any fear.

He made the revelation about the threats on his life in a recent interview he had on One Ghana TV.

For some time now, the cleric has been on the Ghanaian social media space and it has to do with his actions and utterances.

According to him, his name is the name of an angel detailing that the ‘Ajagura’ means warrior and ‘jah’ means God therefore Ajagurajah means warrior of God.


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