My bad experience with Jumia Ghana

Online shopping is the new trend and as a partaker of this new revolution. I decided to utilize the Mobile Week 2018 promo by JUMIA GHANA as a means to get a supplementary cellular device since the current one wasn’t functioning properly. I placed an order for a Nuova Edge Z Dual SIM 16GB HDD (first time getting to know of the brand but features listed were quite okay) and could be managed for the time been.

Delivery was made days later and payment made on arrival. I assessed the phone and found a glitch ( blurred screen sometimes), SD card not compatible with dual sim system ,finger print sensor wasnt functioning and the ROM was way below the supposed 16GB.

Per their terms 7 days free return under certain conditions– l filled the return form online and dropped the package  at a pickup point. Days went by the product was returned even though I filed for a refund

( NB: all this while I had no update as to what was going on during their evaluation process).


Since the product was returned I thought it may have been worked on. To my disappointment, the same issue lingered.

I contacted them via email and their facebook page, a dispatch was sent to pick it up this time. This time I followed up with 5- day phone in tracking sort of thing myself. You call for updates and you get different information from the agents. As at the time  this narrative was submitted . I still haven’t received the product  nor the refund ( A month and over).

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The product is still in the custody of the company. Fingers crossed waiting to receive my product since they claim my assertions are invalid. This ordeal is one of the demerits of online shopping.

Probably lot of people have gone through similar situations. You can share your experience in the comment section.











Emmanuel Ndemele

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