All Personnel Of Ghana Police Service Will Automatically Go To Heaven – Police Commander Hints


The Birim Central Municipal Assembly Police  Commander, chief superintendent Amoako has stated that the nature of their service for God and country automatically qualifies anyone who agrees to join the Ghana Police Service Heaven since the word of God talks about being your brother’s keeper

He said their major activities are in line with fundamental words contained in the bible and therefore it demonstrate clearly that police officers have great opportunity to be in heaven.

Chief Supo asserted though the police is always accused of   taking bribes and engaged in other bad activities but it happens in every sector since we are humans.

He questioned why Ghanaians always seem to  to enjoy spewing negative words only about the Ghana Police Service rather than paying attention to some positives chalked by the service.

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Speaking to the host of “Maakye” show on Eastern Region based Ahenkan 93.3  FM  Obuoba Ofori Amanfo , chief supo Amoako said, It is the duty of the Police officers to protect lives and properties and as such wake up early in the morning everyday to discharge their duty.

“We  put  ourselves at risk as Jesus Christ did for us all.  No matter how high or low the crime rate is within our  jurisdiction we face them, we are at risk anytime (on-duty or off). We may be  unbadged in plain civilian clothing, but that will not stop a former inmate from recognizing the face of the person who incarcerated them years ago.

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He added that, they also  have to make rapid decisions within seconds, our heroes need to decide what is best for their community members and ourselves at any moment. These are the situations that are most likely and a lot more dangerous than the usual events. There are many factors to consider and procedures to be followed before an officer can efficiently take action.

Moreover; we are forced to keep calm. No matter what kind of a situation they are in and how dangerous it might be, they have to stay calm. This in no way means that they are not trembling, but it is our job to maintain order within the community and a lay fears.

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In his concussion, He added that, Our heroes are just like the rest of the individuals in their community. They have a family back at home, too. They most likely have a loved one (parent, spouse, child) patiently waiting for them to safely return at the end of the day. Also, officers have to see sides of our communities that we would never hope to imagine. They witness these horrifying events and often keep it inside of them so that they do not frightening their family members.


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