‘After 5 Years Of Being Barren I Gave Birth To 44 Disable Children’ -Woman Cries Out [PHOTOS/VIDEO]


If children were gifts from God, how then do we sometimes explain these perfect God’s giving gifts to humanity when disabled? Well, some of the things of this world are beyond human comprehension and would be left for the creature to explain to us someday.

Everybody’s dream is to bring forth to normal children but sometimes it is sad as this wish turns out to be something else. In today’s article, I will be writing about a woman called Antoinette who has given birth to 44 disabled children and is struggling to take care of them.

You might ask yourself how many children are enough. 3 children? 5 children? How about 44 children? Well, if you question yourself how one can produce 44 children, you are right. That is the story of Antoinette.

She was barren for 5 years and she prayed to God to let her conceive and have a miscarriage as a sign that at least, she can also conceive. She later prayed to God to give her disabled children and surprisingly, God gave her 44 disabled children.

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Antoinette tells her story; I was born in DRC and later came back to my home country. After I reached my home country, I got married and waited years after years but I could not even conceive. I spent five years being barren and went through a lot during those times.

It was a period of grief, depression, and crying. After realizing that I was a barren woman, I prayed daily to God to at least, let me conceive once. I lost hope and even asked God to give me a mentally disabled baby.

I was always harassed by a lot of family members saying a lot of negative comments about me. I could pray to God to let me conceive and have a miscarriage. I was always running mad. After the family saw that I was barren, they brought in some other ladies to produce children for my husband.

My husband was always not happy. You could tell from his face that he was worried but he remained quiet and did not chest me away. I went to hospitals to check whether I have any fertility problems, but there was no solution.

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Later after 5 years, God showed me His grace. Both families of my husband gathered and plan to kick me out. Then came a person who vowed to help me. He told me that he knew of a doctor who is well equipped with the knowledge of fertility and all related problems as her main responsibilities.

He took me to that hospital which was located in the city and it was my first going to the city. That was another adventure because I was born at the and had never gone to the city before.

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Upon reaching the hospital, my whole system was examined and results proved that my estrogen level was very low. I was given a hormone injection. From there, I approached my husband and then conceived. As I had prayed to God to conceive at least a disabled child, finally, I produced a normal and healthy child through a cesarean section.

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After giving birth to my child, I decided to pick disabled children from the street and started taking care of them.

I went for a loan from a bank to budget for their accommodation, food, and anything that these disabled children will need. I started my project with only 5 children and later, the number increased to 15. Now, I have 44 disabled children I am taking care of.

Among all the children I am taking care of, only 3 of them are not disabled but the rest are all disabled. I am now happy to prove to anyone who doubted me that God is great. I did not want a single person to call me mom but many children and has made a way by bringing in these children.

I am so grateful to God she gave me that womb to conceive and thankful for having children who call me mom.

Watch the video below;


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