Acne Treatment, Causes, Types, Symptoms, Medication And Facts

Acne is one of the many skin conditions that affect both adults and adolescents. It could lead to many worries because when people see the horrible pimples on their faces, they want to do anything possible to get rid of them.
Acne can be very painful too. It is not a communicable disease and so there is no need avoiding contact with people suffering from acne. Anybody can develop acne and we all at one point in our development have suffered from it; for some people, it was mild, but others suffered from severe forms.
Causes of acne
There are many factors that can lead to the development of acne. However it depends on the age of the person in question. The causes of acne in adolescents are different from those of adults.
Adolescent acne is a result of the maturity process. Adolescents undergo various changes, some of which are hormonal. Some of the hormonal disturbances in the body of the adolescent lead to the development of acne. An imbalance between male hormones and female hormones are noted for this.
In addition to this, the skin of the adolescent produces a lot of oil. This is normal as oil is part of the skin and helps in protecting it. However, when the pores get clogged with oil, it attracts bacteria which cause the area to be inflamed. Again, it should be noted that there are a lot of harmless bacteria within the skin and some of these may lead to the development of acne in the adolescent.


Adult acne is caused by the presence of sebum which is a substance that develops in the sebaceous glands of the skin. This also leads to the clogging of the pores, just like in adolescents, attracting bacteria which cause the inflammation. There are certain conditions in adults that can increase the risk of developing acne. These include pregnancy, hormonal disturbances resulting from menopause and menopause related conditions, the use of certain medications, and cosmetic or beauty care products. Stress can also lead to the development of acne in adults.
Single and occasional pimples on the face should not be a problem for anyone. This could be left untreated. However if the inflammations are many, there are many treatment options; some of which are discussed below.
Hot towels
In cases of severe acne where there are many pimples ready to bust, a towel dipped in hot water should be applied over the area. This will cause the pores to be unclogged and the contents of the pimples discharged. The hot towel can be soothing when pimples are painful.
Topical medications
There are many creams that could be applied directly over the affected area. Some of them are antibiotic and others are anti-inflammatory. There are other preparations that are a combination of the two. There are over-the-counter ones and others are to be used only on prescription.
Oral medications
In cases of severe acne, some antibiotics could be prescribed to be taken orally. This is to be done strictly upon the advice of a physician as some of them could cause serious side effects. Oral contraceptives could also be prescribed to women to help correct the hormonal imbalance responsible for acne.

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