A Lady Was Caught Doing Something At A Baby’s Funeral That Got People Angry


Funerals are the most devastating times in our lives. They leave people with so much pain as well as unanswered question like why did it happen to me.

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It is more painful when a child passes on. It is never an easy thing for a parent to bury their child. It is against nature. However due to unforeseen circumstances children are dying so little leaving the parents with so much pain.

A certain photo has been trending on twitter of a funeral that was held for a child. You can tell from the size of the coffin that the child was still very little probably not even a toddler. However from the photo you can see the man carrying the coffin standing with a very sad face.

On his side there is a woman who happens to be smiling. This made a lot of people question why she would smile on such an ad event in the presence of a camera there was no need for a smile.

Funerals are sad and the send-off is actually the saddest part when someone die it would hardly be logical to see someone smiling at a time like this.



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