Knowing how someone really feels can be tricky, especially when it comes to men, 8 things men do only for the woman they really love.

Note — When a man loves a woman he will do anything

1) When a man loves a woman he will treat you with respect, one of the biggest requirements of a healthy relationship that most people take for granted is respect.

A guy who loves you will respect you as a person, he will respect your choices, your beliefs, and your ideas it’s necessary for any long-lasting relationship.

2) A man who truly loves a woman will really listen to you, men are often accused of not being good listeners whether he forgot it was your cousin’s anniversary this weekend or what your favorite flowers are but small details like these do matter.

A man who cares for you will always listen, remember the little things you mention, he will do his best to take in all the details because it’s his way of showing how much he values you.

3) Things men do when they are in love they will take your advice But once you understand that a man does not want you to solve his problems and he prefers to figure things out himself, you give him the independence his ego wants.

When he sees that you support him, believe in him, have faith in his abilities that’s when he’ll want your advice, he will seriously consider your suggestions because he truly values your opinion and tries things your way.

Note — When a man truly loves you he wants to see you happy even if it occasionally means putting aside his own interests for the sake of yours however, it doesn’t mean he will become a doormat and let you take advantage of him, compromise goes both ways.

He will get a little jealous, you may find this a bit surprising but jealousy is among the most human of all emotions, everyone gets jealous sometimes especially when they think they’re about to lose someone they care for.

If a guy shows jealousy it means he has strong feelings for you and doesn’t want to lose you, he’ll try his hardest to always be the closest person to you.

He’ll have no problem interrupting your conversations with other guys.

Remember, not all men will do that they might not want to come off as controlling or obsessive but they will still ask questions. Sometimes the man might not even realize that he’s doing this but actions tend to speak louder than words.

A man who truly loves you will want to spend as much time with you as possible.

4) How a man should treat a woman he loves He will love you in your bad days or when you feel low as you get comfortable with each other you’ll feel free to walk around even if you are not fully dressed no matter what you’re wearing for him. He loves you the way you are as a person.

It’s not what you wear, the makeup you put on, or how you style your hair it’s only you, he loves your smile, your little quirks, your personality.

5) Things a man does when he loves you, he will be proud of you, a man who loves you won’t be shy about being proud of you whatever you put your efforts into your family or your career.

You can be sure that your hard work won’t go unnoticed, all of the admirable things you do. How much you work toward your goals makes him proud and happy even if you fall short he’ll still be proud that you tried in the first place.

If you are both competitive he won’t feel as crushed about coming in second place.

6) He’ll follow through on promises, most people are good at making promises but not everyone can follow through on them. Someone who cares about you though will always try to follow through on their promises.

A man who loves you wants you to think highly of him, he knows that he can’t get the respect he wants on empty promises, going back on his word means breaking the trust and he cares for you too much to sabotage your relationship.

Note — If he’s honest and always tries to follow through, it shows how much he values your opinion and your heart.

7) He will always make you feel safe, men are naturally protective as a result of biological evolution, they want to protect the people they love whether it’s protecting physically or emotionally.

But protecting nonetheless, if a man loves you and cares about you he’ll always try to make you feel safe, will never make you question whether he’ll be there for you when you need him.

He will always stand by you, will stand up for you, he will be your teammate, your biggest supporter through life.

=> He’ll treat your family and friends with respect. When a man loves you, he will accept, treat your friends or family with respect too.

Note — If someone’s important to you they’ll become important to him by default even if he doesn’t like some of your family members or friends he’ll keep his mouth shut because he knows that they mean a lot to you.

8) He will include you in his plans for the future, including you in his future plans is a definite sign that a guy wants a long-term relationship with you, not just a date for next week.

Like, making major life decisions with you in mind, even asking for your advice obviously, if you’ve only been together for a few weeks you don’t really qualify.

But if you’ve been dating for a while he should consider your input carefully and include you in any plans he makes.

A man that loves you

=> If a man truly loves you, he will care about your needs, it takes effort from both of you to have a healthy satisfying relationship.

This applies even more so for long-term relationships, intimacy can start to seem like a chore instead of a special time to connect particularly. If one partner has given up on pleasing the other physical intimacy should be enjoyable for both people involved.

If your partner is doing his best to make you happy and you’re trying to do the same then you’re on the right track.

Special Advice — Making an effort to perform small acts of kindness shows a level of appreciation that you would not get in short-term fling guys.

8 things men do only for the woman they really love, does your man make you feel loved let us know at Games in love.


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