5 tricks to stop your internet bundle from running fast


Have you ever wonder why your internet data bundles finish quickly after purchasing? Maybe you have or have not but, there is the need to know the cause of that. After reading this article, kindly leave your comment with questions included, like it and share with others as you do always.

Sometimes customers of the various communication network get angry over data depletion as soon as they buy them. One of the most painful thing is to buy data and not using much of it before it get finished. In this article I am going to show you the cause of this problem.

We mostly shift the blame on network providers only without checking on our side too. In fact, the problem of data depletion is the doing of network providers though, but, sometimes the problem can come from us too.

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Why am I saying this? There are some settings we fail to do on our smartphones concerning mobile network and update. If you own a smartphone, there are things like apps and accounts that syncs with data. In order for you understand everything well, let us get to know why data deplet soon.


Causes of data depletion

We cannot deny the fact that to be able to browse or text, you need an internet connection. This internet connection uses data although, but not in massive ways.

These causes below are what mostly consume data most:

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• Subscription to network service

You might have subscribed to certain offers on you network service provider without your knowledge. If the offers demand the use of data, there is no doubt your data is going to be depleted early.

• Background data and auto-sync

Basically, when background data is turned on, it allows apps to collect information and updates automatically. When apps auto-sync, they tend to update themselves whiles you have not commanded so, and this causes you to lose your data.

• Tethering

Tethering refers to the sharing of data on your phone with others by connecting hotspot. This consumes data but, when left on without security could make the matter worse. You will end up losing your data as another person might connect and use.

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• When data saver is off

Data saver minimizes the excess use of mobile data. When turned off could make your data finish sooner.

What to do to solve the problem

These are some of the things you can do to minimize the use of data below:

• Turn off background data and auto-sync, do every update manually.

• Turn hotspot off when not in use.

• Turn mobile data off when not in use.

• Always put your data saver on to save more data and minimizes its use.

• Turn auto-sync off in the account settings.

• Make sure you don’t make apps update themselves automatically.

• Cancel all subscriptions.


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