5 Best Awesome Video Player Apps for Android in 2019

5 Best Awesome Video Player Apps for Android in 2019

5 Best Awesome Video Player Apps for Android in 2019.

Video players have been an integral part of every Android, PC and Mac computer. Every smartphone comes with its own default player.

But what makes people look for other alternative players is the functions that some of the pre-installed players gives the user.

The search for the best player for android smartphone continues to increase as days passed.

This is so because there are some videos that can not be played using the default players.

Most people find it difficult to get the best player for their smartphone simply because there are dozens of these players on the playstore.

5 Best Awesome Video Player Apps for Android in 2019

We have taken it to ourselves to compile some of the best awesome video players for you in other to save you the difficulty in getting these players.

below are some of the best awesome players on the playstore that you can download and use for better performance.

  • MX Player

MX Player is an Android video player which supports multi-core decoding. The player has been a favorite player for many android device users simply because it supports more videos formats than its competitor in the market. What made many to love the MXPlayer is it’s Keep your kids lockfeature. You can set the kid lock function ON then leave the Phone with them without having to worry of them using other apps.

  • VLC Player

Another great player which has been loved by many is the VLC player. The VLC player has been in existence for some time now and has evolved to be the most widely used player by most PC, Mac, and Smartphones. The player was once available for only Windows PC and Mac, But with the coming into being of Android Smartphones, the developers came out with the smartphone version to serve the users of this new large market OS.  VLC player support All video formats, including MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, Ogg, FLAC, TS, M2TS, Wv and AAC. It supports subtitles and Closed Captions.

  •  Mobo Player

Mobo Player is another Popular video player that comes with subtitle formats such as SRT, ASS, and SAA Subtitles built in MKV, MPV, MOV.  It has a Multi-audio stream and multi-subtitles playability. Just like most popular players, the Moboplayer also have the load Playlists features and continuous play on same type files.

  • BS Player

If you are looking a player that Playback files directly from uncompressed RAR files and also Playback media files such as videos and mp3’s direct via Wi-Fi from your network shared drives/folders then BSPlayer should be your number player. The player has become a popular media player because of its special advanced features that can’t be found on most of the players out there. BSPlayer FREE is a hardware-accelerated video player for Android smartphones and tablet with dual and quad-core that significantly improves playback speed.

  • Archos Video Player

Another popular video player for android that supports video variety of video formats including MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV and many more is the Archos video player. It also provides support for subtitle file types of SRT, SUB, and ASS. What makes Archos player the best choice is its ability to Automatically retrieve Movie and  TV shows online descriptions with poster and backdrop.

Source: Zone3Tech

In summary, the above are some of the best video payers for an android smartphone. You can download any of them and see the features for your self.

You may also share with us some of the 5 Best Awesome Video Player Apps for Android in 2019 then we can discuss more about them using the comment box below.

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