5 Places Your Woman Want You To Touch Her But Will Not Tell You


Women can be very secretive and difficult to understand in this world, even after marriage, particularly when it comes to their bodies and feelings.

As a man, there are a few things you should know even if you don’t learn them, one of which is where your woman wants you to hit. Since she does not tell you what she wants at any given moment, you, as a guy, need to research her body language to find out what she wants.

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We’ll look at five places your woman really needs you to contact her in today’s post, and how they can help you maintain a stable relationship.

Your woman wants you to contact her in the positions mentioned below, but she won’t tell you.

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1. Her face:

2. Her Shoulders:

3. Her hair:

4. Her back:

5. Her feet:

I can guarantee you that if you know these six spots, your woman will always be yours and love you.

All five of the locations I’ve showed you above are areas where your woman always needs you to contact her, but she won’t tell you because you’re a guy or she’s shy.

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So, particularly when you’re with your woman or any lady, I want you to be aware of those locations.

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