“A Dog in New York City feels comfortable than the average Ghanaian” – Twene Jonas insists (Video)


Twene Jonas, one enlightened Ghanaian who currently prides his trade in the US, has once again lashed out at our leaders especially President Akufo Addo in his usual Facebook Live commentaries.


According to Twene Jonas, he’s the most popular Ghanaian alive and for that matter, he will continue to use his popularity to bring positive change to the continent.

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Back to the subject matter, it looks like this African continent especially Ghana is cursed considering how the populace wallows in poverty in the midst of an abundance of resources.

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It’s, therefore, imperative for Twene Jonas to say that a dog living in New York City feels comfortable than the average Ghanaian. As to his best knowledge, the system works so well over there as compared to Ghana.

He noted that even charging sockets could be seen in flowers on the streets of NYC for passers-by to charge their mobile phones freely. Besides, there is nothing like Dumsor in New York City.

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Video Below:


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