Stop Saying ” Please Sir”, It Is Wrong, Say This Instead


The Queen’s language is a globally recognized tongue we are all opportuned to speak.

Though some say that Ghanaians are facing diverse problems because they are using a borrowed language from the British, I must confess it is a great privilege to learn and speak it.

We all make mistakes while speaking English, we must learn to make corrections and avoid making the same mistake twice.

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In today’s article, we will be looking at some grammatical errors people often make and their corrections.

They are provided below;

A. Please Sir/Ma

This one is common and many people are guilty of this.

Don’t ever Say; “Please Sir”, it is wrong. If you must use “please” in your sentence, it should come after the subject and not before it.

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So instead of saying “Please Sir”, say; “Sir Please”, or “Ma Please”, this is the correct thing to say.

B. I Am On The Road

This one is also one of the common errors.

Do not say; “I Am On The Road”, rather say; “I Am On My Way”,

C. The Story Is Sweet

This one is not so common, it is an error committed by only a few, especially children.

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Avoid embarrassment. Do not say; The story is sweet, rather say; “The story is interesting”.

D. Off Head

This one is common amongst students. The expression; “I know It Off Head”, is totally wrong. The right thing to say is; “I know It Off Hand”.

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