Celebrity TV Show In Shame As Her Toto Mistakenly Display On Camera While Dancing In Live Instagram


Kenyan Socialite, Sherlyne Anyango, is busy entertaining thirsty men through her Instagram page after she quit her job at Citizen TV where she worked in the production department.

She has not been resting anytime a new week kicks off and most of her online followers are now aware of this trick.

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The massively built lass who came to be known from her powerful bedroom dances, and who now drives classy machines, recently managed to spoil her rural parents with a home she put up using the cash she collects from her male fans she entices through hot belly dances.

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It is no secret that she now lives large and enjoys city life with wanton abandon. Ends, for her, justifies the means! Dangerous though!

The heavy backside Slay Queen left thirsty men with wishful thinking after she joined instagram live season recently .

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Rocking tiny under-wears that left little for men to imagine, Anyango jumped on the pole and did her thing.

Watch the video below :

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