Thief enjoying himself with banku & chicken soup after breaking into a house arrested



A very dumb thief was arrested after deciding to enjoy himself ‘too much’ on his criminal mission.

Apparently he broke into a house where he stole a decoder and Television set.

Now, after successfully stealing, he was obviously hungry so he decided to treat himself with some food in the house where he went to steal.

The suspect is said to have consumed several balls of banku with the chicken soup that the members of the house prepared to be taken during supper.

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Not satisfied with the several balls of banku consumed, he capped it up with gari soakings before he was arrested.



“A full saucepan of soup made of chicken. They have been worrying us a lot in the area so I have cautioned my colleagues. I was in my room when he called me that they have arrested a thief who was trying to overpower them. He ate all their banku and chicken soup that was after stealing a decoder and a TV and moved to the next house where he was arrested. A dog in the other house made a lot of noise attracting residents leading to his arrest” a resident revealed on a local radio station Asona Fm.

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He has since been handed over to the police in the area and is expected to be arraigned before court this week.

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The incident is reported to have happened at Wassa-Akropong in the Wassa Amenfi East Municipality of the Western Region


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