Check Out Photos of Fatima of TV3 Date Rush That Prove She’s The Most Prettiest And Hottest Contestant


One show that has gained a lot of attention in Ghana is date rush. The shows motive is to find love for people searching for love. The show showcase ten beautiful ladies and a guy to choose from them.

After the show, they go out on a date to see if they can really stay together as couples or just friends.

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A lot of Ghanaians didn’t get the meaning of the show from the onset as people thought it was a means of promoting prostitution. Many top counsellors like lutterodt came to criticize the show but the show still got the attention of many Ghanaians till date.

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This season also captures yet another exciting episodes with hilarious comments and Twitter trends after the contestant who seem to be gaining a lot of public attention is Fatima. A musician whose main aim is to be loved and love.

The gal dem boss chicks has always been seen making funny remarks that has make the show funny this season.

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Here are some pictures of Fatima;

What do you love about Fatima? Thanks for reading.


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