“World Ugliest Footballer” Krepin Diatta marries beautiful lady


At the 2019 edition of the Africa Cup of Nations, Senegalese midfielder, Krepin Diatta was trolled for looked exceptionally ugly…although he chuckled to the trolls, nobody knew he will find love so soon.

According to exclusive reports by Senegalese news portals, Krepin Diatta has married his girlfriend in a very beautiful wedding ceremony that took place over the weekend.

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Diatta who currently plays for AS Monaco in the Frech Ligue 1 is considered the third most expensive January transfers…which means he has some money, I mean he has the bucks.


Many are asking if this lady got married to Diatta for the love she has for him or she has other motivations. Well before we get to what people think, this is more information on marriage.

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On Saturday, March 13, 2021, Krepin Diatta got married to Aissata Mairame Aw in the Segelese city of Mbour…a ceremony that was celebrated with the utmost discretion.


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While we wish Krepin Diatta a happy marriage, we are still concerned. Hmm! Well, the moral lesson here is, none is ugly, money makes everything tick and it has certainly made Diatta’s life ticked by securing him an unbelievable beauty.

Many have termed the marriage “The Beauty And The Beast.” That’s quite unfair. Lol!


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