Queen Elizabeth | House Tour | Buckingham Palace & Multimillion Dollar Castles


During the week Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Phillip typically stay in private quarters at the infamous 775-room Buckingham Palace but on weekends and for a Holiday around Easter, they travel to Windsor Castle in Berkshire county to a royal home with more than 900 years of history, spanning 13 acres with over 1,000 rooms, making it the largest occupied castle in the world.

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Then, during the summer months, the royals are often found at Balmoral Castle in Scotland at their private residence originally purchased by Queen Victoria that sits on 50,000 acres of land.

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As nice as that home is, every summer, during what’s known as “Royal Week” in Scotland, the Queen will also stay in the Palace of Holyrood, a former monastery built in 1128 which now contains private apartments housed in the upper floors.

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