” I Am Willing To Pay Man $2000 Monthly To Date Me, Money Is Not A Problem ” Pretty Lady Say


Men love to date beautiful and endowed ladies, especially when they are also rich, but in most case rich ladies are hard to find and they can also get rude at times.

When men have what they call “Money” ladies run after them, but when Ladies do, men are mostly scared to approach them, have you ever wondered why..?

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On social media we come across lots of post made every minute that passes by, we all should know that most of these post are just for fun and are controversial. Like this post made on twitter, reporting to be in need of a guy who to date her and she is ready to provide they needs of the man in every aspect.

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Here is the post below;

What do you think ..? Have you ever seen a rich lady or woman who doesn’t have a man in her life, or who pays to get satisfaction from a man.?

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