Do You Think This Is Fashion Or Madness? Take A Look At These Photos And Conclude


Many people nowadays dress in the way they like because they believe it is fashionable. Others, on the other hand, sit aside and refer to their attire as ‘franticness.’ Many people nowadays dress shabbily, leading you to believe that they are distressed.

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People who admit that they are fashionistas on occasion wear worn-out dresses in public without feeling bad about it. They consider this style of attire to be proper if all other factors are similar.

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Others, often ladies, wear half-sleeved outfits that reveal large parts of their bodies. Without taking into account what the general public would think of them. Similarly, certain people puncture areas of their bodies that aren’t really important. They do this because they believe it enhances their appearance and makes them more attractive.

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A few individuals had their noses, ears, and even tongues drilled unnecessarily. No need for detailed explanations; just look at the images below.



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