Inside Drake’s $100 Million Dollar Mansion


Drake has made major rap albums that hit the top of the billboard charts, and he’s made over $150 million US dollars! Most of which he blew on his mega mansion! Watch how he spends his millions!

Drake may have started at the bottom, but he’s almost made his way to the top. The millionaire rapper might not be a billionaire yet, but that didn’t stop him from spending $100 million on a brand new custom-designed estate called “The Embassy.” Drake spent years designing his new home and you can definitely tell.

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The mansion features a regulation size basketball court, a granite indoor pool with a blacklight, a state-of-the-art recording studio and lounge, and a two-story massive closet with diamond detailing. And that’s not even half the house! The property also has a ten car garage to store Drake’s car collection– which is worth millions of dollars.

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But Drake’s luxury lifestyle doesn’t stop with his Toronto estate. He’s also got an estate in LA, he runs his own business called OVO, and he has a $185 million private plane to help him get around.

Pair that with his show collection worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and his love for fine watches that also cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and you have a superstar who’s always dressed to impress.

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But now that Drake has a son to provide for, two-year-old Adonis, the superstar is finding new ways to spend his money.

From lavish parties in his brand new Canadian compound to spoiling his only child, Drake’s extravagant lifestyle truly has to be seen to be believed.


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