Trevor Noah | House Tour | His Luxurious $27.5 Million Bel Air Mansion


The popular host of the “Daily Show”, Trevor Noah, kicked off 2021 in a big way. About four months after selling his “starter” Bel Air mansion – a $21 million-plus mansion, he decided to upgrade in the same neighborhood.

The South African-born comedian dropped almost $30 million on a new Bel Air mega-mansion, this one even more modern looking and extravagant than the first.

Aside from this spot, Trevor continues to own a primary home base in New York City as well, and today we’re gonna check out the luxury properties that he calls home. Trevor Noah is a South African comedian, TV host, producer, writer, political commentator, and actor who is best known as the host of The Daily Show, an American news program on Comedy Central – with a twist.

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Trevor started off as a comedian, host, and actor in South Africa back in 2002 before coming over to Hollywood and had several hosting roles with the South African Broadcasting Corporation as well.

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After his stand-up comedy career began to get worldwide attention he started to appear on American late-night talk shows and English panel shows, becoming the Senior International Correspondent for The Daily Show in 2014. Only a year later, Trevor succeeded long-time host Jon Stewart and is set to hold this position until 2022.

Over the last while in showbiz, Trevor has received a handful of awards like a Primetime Emmy and even being named one of the 35 Most Powerful People in New York Media.

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With his success that only keeps growing, the comedian has amassed an estimated net worth of at least $40 million. You know that Trevor had to buy some property to show for it, and his starter home in Bel Air just wasn’t good enough apparently. His brand new contemporary mansion is only about a mile apart from his former one but it’s even more insane, and I’ll be showing you shortly!


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